Vybz Kartel is no longer Jamaica’s Prime Minister’s favorite artiste.

Back in 2015, when Andrew Holness was Jamaica’s opposition leader, his favorite song was Clarks just like his favorite shoe and his favorite artiste was Vybz Kartel.

Now that Holness is the leader of the country he can no longer embrace a convicted murderer, thus Kartel is no longer even in the Prime Minister top five artistes nor is any of Kartel’s songs in Holness list of favorite songs.

So 18 Karat Reggae asked the Prime Minister who is his favorite artiste now that he has jumped off the Vybz Kartel bandwagon.

“Oh, that’s easy,” he said. “Let’s start with Bob Marley, because he’s number one on the list. Then we would have to do Dennis Brown, then Beres Hammond.”

I would also have to add Chronixx to the list and you have to consider the younger ones, now I’m seeing Protégé, Etana and Queen Ifrica,” he concluded.

So there you have it, the Prime Minister of Jamaica top 7 Reggae artistes are:

  1. Bob Marley
  2. Dennis Brown
  3. Beres Hammond
  4. Chronixx
  5. Protégé
  6. Etana
  7. Queen Ifrica

Of course Jamaica’s greatest, Sizzla, did not make the prime minister’s cut.  But for a man who once had Vybz Kartel as his favorite that is to be expected.

As for Holness’ favorite songs, most of them were from his favorite artistes.

“There are so many of them! But Bob Marley’s Natural Mystic is just such a beautiful song. Redemption Song is another beautiful song. But I like Chronixx and he’s had a few hits that have resonated with me. I like his most recent one, ‘do it for the love, not for the likes’. Nesbeth’s song is great as well. I find that that’s my theme song, My Dream.”


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