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Ungrateful Lybran did not show up at Tiger’s tribute concert.

Lybran and Tiger Lybran and Tiger

On Saturday, the great dancehall artist, Tiger, got a well-deserved tribute concert in his honor.  If you had to list the top 10 greatest dancehall artistes of all time it would be difficult to not include the roaring Tiger.

A few artistes came out to support and pay respect to Tiger but missing were Zebra and Lybran, two men who have used Tiger’s style to build their own career.  Without going into details, it is understandable and expected that Zebra would be missing.  However, it is hard to fathom why Lybran wasn’t there paying respect to the man whose style he is using.

Every dancehall fan knows that Lybran owes his style to Tiger and Professor Nuts.  While Lybran is a great and witty lyricist with some very entertaining songs, his delivery is a combination of Tiger and Professor Nuts in the song “Bad Boy Jimmy.”

It doesn’t matter if Lybran was on a tour in Europe, Africa or North America; he should have taken a private jet to go and honor and pay his respect to Tiger, the man who gave him a style to run road with.

Regardless of Lybran being too ungrateful to show up and Zebra not being able to show up, Tiger still appreciated all those who showed up.

The tribute was held at Olympia Crown Hotel or ‘Hotel Celeb’ as it is called and the occasion was completely joyous.

Tiger who is responsible for coining the phrase “It is nice to be important but more important to be nice” was presented with a trophy for his contribution to dancehall music.

Tiger is responsible for dancehall classics like Puppy Love, Me Name Tiger, When, Nuh Wanga Gut, Bam Bam and Come back to me, with Anthony Malvo.

18 Karat Reggae also listed Tiger on their list of greatest dancehall artistes of all time.

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3 Comments on Ungrateful Lybran did not show up at Tiger’s tribute concert.

  1. This article is Trash. This is a Total Defemation of Character. It’s obvious this publicist knows Nothing about music and is definitely not keeping up with Lybran’s “RumBoss” Work Progress. Tiger and Lybran “RumBoss” is totally different styles. This is totally mean and unexceptable. I won’t be reading news from your blogs any longer


  2. Tell me again, in details, please – how is it that Lybran specifically uses Tiger’s style ? Yes, Professor Nuts “Jimmy Bascombe” could be the catalyst from which Lybran’s current persona, “Rum Boss” was spawned. But how do you relate the said persona to the great, yes, I said The Great Tiger ?


    • All you have to do is listen songs like Puppy Love… Come back to me… and When. There is no way you can listen those songs and say you don’t hear Tiger style when you listen to Lybran.


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