Donald Trump is the Vybz Kartel of America.

Vybz Kartel and Donald Trump Vybz Kartel and Donald Trump

Donald Trump once said that he could shoot a man in the middle of Times Square and his supporters would still support him.  Likewise, Vybz Kartel could shoot a man in the middle of Half Way Tree and his fans would still support him.  Similar to when Trump admitted to sexually harassing women and even his female supporters continued to embrace him; Vybz Kartel was arrested, charged and convicted for murder but the support of is fans did not waver one bit.

Like Vybz Kartel, Donald Trump cannot do any wrong in the eyes of his supporters.  Trump is a proven bigot who bullies individuals and countries. Likewise, many dancehall artistes from Gaza also known as Portmore Empire which was headed by Kartel, have been known to be bullied and beaten whenever Kartel would give the order for such actions to be taken.

Before Trump started dividing America along racial and religious lines, Kartel had already divided fans of dancehall music along Gaza and Gully lines. While Kartel led Gaza, Gully was being led by his nemesis and fellow dancehall heavyweight, Mavado.  It is alleged that if Kartel was at an event, no songs of his Gully rival, Mavado, was allowed to be played at said even.  It is also alleged that that some disc jockeys got beatings for playing Mavado’s songs while Kartel was around. It even got to the point where no songs from Bounty Killer, the man who is mainly responsible for Kartel’s success were allowed to be played at events where Kartel was present.  Like Trump’s supporters screaming “Lock her up” whenever he mentioned Hillary Clinton’s name, so too the fans of Kartel would hurl derogatory insults at Mavado.

Looking at current events where Trump contemplated if it was possible to suspend the broadcasting license of NBC, once can’t help but to wonder if Trump is a fan of Kartel. It seems like Trump spent time studying Kartel’s moves and is now putting them to action.

In a great country like Jamaica that is known for Black freedom fighters like the Maroons of Jamaica, Dutty Boukman, Marcus Garvey and Peter Tosh; Vybz Kartel made skin bleaching an epidemic.  So too, in a country like America that sounded happy to have gotten past slavery and Jim Crow, Donald Trump has made it popular for America to go back to being the most racist and intolerant country on the planet.

The sad thing is many of Vybz Kartel’s supporters are just like him.  This was evident when Lisa Hanna dares to suggest that measures should be put in place to prevent Kartel from recording in prison.  The vile and violent threats that followed were disgusting and had it not been for free speech, many Vybz Kartel fans would be in prison today.  The same can be said of Donald Trump’s supporters and their disgraceful march in Charlottesville, Virginia where they subsequently murder a young lady.  It is fair to say the Vybz Kartel, Donald Trump and their respective supporters are birds of a feather.

If Donald Trump is not the Vybz Kartel of America then Vybz Kartel is the Donald Trump of Jamaica.