Sex, Murder and Mayhem: How Vybz Kartel destroyed what Sizzla built.

Sizzla and Vybz Kartel Sizzla and Vybz Kartel

While there were no tangible means of showing the cause and effect, the Jamaican government admitted that when Rasta artist Sizzla burst on the scene, violence in Jamaica dropped by a whopping 23%.

To see love amongst my friends to Sizzla that is heaven
none of us can run from the truth
to war with who we dwell
To I man that is hell
can’t live so fi Ghetto Youths

Those were the type of lyrics that Sizzla was using to unite the youths within the “ghettos” and across different “ghettos” and garrisons.

At that time almost every young youth wanted to be a Rasta.  Who did not want to be a Bobo Ashanti wanted to be a Nyabinghi and who did not want to be Nyabinghi wanted to be a Twelve Tribe of Israel.

Fast forward to Vybz Kartel’s arrival and not only was dancehall turned into a cesspool but Jamaican culture in general was turned upside down.

Watch the murder and the massacre blood whe mi fi shed
Kill a family, go a mi yard go send mi kids to bed
Kill the elderly then go check mi granny a Nagos head

Those were the type of lyrics that Vybz Kartel made normal in the dancehall and throughout the island. Sadly, the people of Jamaica saw nothing wrong with someone singing about killing children and the elderly.  And it came to pass that no one is immune from the murderous rampage taking place on the island; they could be 9 or 99.

Listening to Sizzla’s music was like listening to the teachings of Marcus Garvey.  Black consciousness, black awareness and Black pride were the order of the day.  Who can forget lyrics like “I have no white god don’t teach me anything wrong, would a white god save me from white man oppression” or “Black woman and child for you I have so much love, dollar bills and coins will fade away they could never make I proud.”

Unfortunately Kartel made it seems like to be Black was a sin. He taught the youths that being Black was not great; they had to bleach their skin to look white.  Kartel had every young boy in Jamaica wanting to look like the brownings that Buju Banton sung about years earlier and every young girl wanting to look like white Barbie dolls.

While Sizzla encouraged men to treat the women like the queens they are, with lyrics like:

To disrespect the woman I disagree
How can you stand and curse a bearing tree

Vybz Kartel not only encouraged Black men to disrespect Black women, he even encouraged Black women to disrespect themselves.  Now it is very common to see a woman giving a blowjob to a Guinness bottle inside a dancehall venue.  That is something that Kartel is proud of starting and even though Kartel is now locked away in prison, those animalistic behaviors still permeates the Jamaican culture.

So one has to wonder, why so many Jamaicans when faced with two roads, the good and the bad, they chose the bad?  What made the young people of Jamaica shun a Black Rasta king and choose to follow a white convicted murderer instead?

Heck, even Sizzla look like he wanted to follow Vybz Kartel for a quick second, glory to Jah he found his way back into righteousness. Hopefully the people of Jamaica will do the same soon.

Give us the teaching of Sizzla Kalonji, we don’t want no Vybz Kartel philosophy.