Christians blame flooding in Jamaica on dancehall music.

As it was in the days of Noah, that is how it will be today, at least in Jamaica.  Well, that is what many Christians across Jamaica are saying.  No one has been seen building an Ark but many Christians in Jamaica believe that the flooding we have seen recently is God’s punishment for Jamaica becoming so filthy.  The filth that they claim is caused by dancehall music.

Christians are saying that the floods we now see are just a small warning from God but if the filth that we see in dancehall continues to happen, it will get real worse.

Many are not pleased that dancehall’s favorite and most loved artist is a convicted murderer and almost half of dancehall music is about murder and violence.  The other half of dancehall music is about abnormal sex like threesome, oral sex, anal sex and oral combined with anal sex.  Currently Vybz Kartel who is serving a life sentence for murder is the most love dancehall artist.  A song by Ishawna promoting oral sex is the biggest song in the genre currently.

he Christians are warning the dancehall the fraternity to clean up their acts and stop bringing down destruction on Jamaica.  Some Christians are even considering confronting dancehall patrons, artists and promoters if the slackness does not stop.




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