Back to Reggae, Dancehall is dead.

While artists like Chronixx, Queen Ifrica, Protoje and Jah9 are working hard to keep reggae music alive; dancehall is being run into the ground at 100MPH by artists who are only looking for a quick hype.

The sad thing is, the media is as much to blame it seems like hype gets way more coverage than substance.  Sizzla is leading a very successful movement to rid August Town of crimes, Ninjaman has his own movement helping the less fortunate around Jamaica but be careful or you will miss all these great happenings.  Why?  Because Ishawna did a song about biting insects and that is all the media wants to cover.

Of course Ishawna and the media is trying to trick the public into believing that the song is about equal rights for women but one would have to be pretty stupid to buy that argument.

No way are we saying that artists cannot or should not make songs about biting insects but for dancehall to get back to its heights, artists will have to start putting more substance in their music.

It is a luck thing that for every Ishawna there is a Jah9 and for every Gage there is Chronixx or Jamaica music as a whole would be dead.  Reggae artists are the only one carrying the banner for Jamaican music; however, as it has gotten to the point where all dancehall has to offer is sex, murder and mayhem.

We can’t blame the veterans for not teaching or leading the youths right because they certainly did and continue to do so.  Whether it is Bounty Killer with Alliance, Sizzla with Judgment yard or Capleton with David House, we see where veterans have laid solid foundations to give younger artists a start.  So how did dancehall get to be the cesspool that it has become?  As we said it is the media’s fault, giving way too much coverage to the negative and not nearly enough to the positive.

Music is supposed to inspire, dancehall is corrupting the minds of the youths and the media is aiding and abetting.



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