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Vybz Kartel might have recorded his last song.

Vybz Kartel Vybz Kartel

The reality of the situations probably has not hit the millions of Gaza fans all around the world but there is a sad truth that Vybz Kartel might never record another song.  Unless the World Boss is successful in his upcoming appeal, then next time he sees a recording studio, he will be well into his 70s.

Of course one does not need access to a recording studio in order to record music as Kartel himself proved while being locked up, however, recording from prison as come to a sudden halt for Vybz Kartel.  It is not a temporary halt either, Jamaica’s minister of national security, Robert Montague, has made it extremely clear that the days of “recording illegal music from prison is over”.

So unless Kartel wins his appeal later this year, we will not hear new recording of the many who many believe is the true king of dancehall.

Vybz Kartel himself has to face a new reality and that is actually getting accustomed to being locked up in prison.  When you are a free man and you are in the studio recording music everyday then you get incarcerated but you are still recording music every day, you are not really in prison because you are still doing what you love the most.

Now that Kartel is no longer doing what he loves the most, he will start missing the outside world and the reality of his situation will hit him like a bulldozer.

At this point, all Kartel and his Gaza fans can do are hope and pray for a successful appeal; otherwise we have heard the last of the world boss.  Unless of course he waits for his parole 30 years from now and come out of prison as the dancehall granddaddy.



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3 Comments on Vybz Kartel might have recorded his last song.

  1. Sunday Omale // May 6, 2017 at 6:16 am // Reply

    Release kartel now he has learnt enough lessons.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dem bombclats want kartel family suffer why u whana do Dat Mr officer


  3. Free Up all the murderers them


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